Penguin dating website

This is why we are keen to start the search now, so when Spruce is mature enough to father chicks, he is already in a stable, long-term, loving relationship.” Spruce’s Plenty of Fish profile has allowed Sarah to describe his likes – which include seafood and swimming – and his relationship needs – ‘a partner for life who I can make some little chicks with, as I’m a family man at heart.’ Sarah is now appealing for the public to share Spruce’s Plenty of Fish profile on their social media pages and spread the word to help him find a mate.

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The search for a partner for Weymouth Sea Life Centre resident Spruce has found a suitable outlet in the singles dating service Plenty of Fish.“Penguins are very affectionate birds by nature and often mate for life,” continues Sara.“I really want to see Spruce settle down with the right girl and after searches for potential mates at other Sea Life centres proved fruitless – they have the same problem as us, too many boys – I thought it was time to look further afield.“Plenty of Fish has been really useful as a means of putting information about Spruce online so I can share the link on social media and send it to other penguin carers around the world – the right girl for him is out there somewhere and I’m determined to help him find her.” Sarah went on to say: “Spruce is quite a young penguin at one-year-old; we wouldn’t normally expect a Humboldt penguin to be looking for a mate this young – Spruce is clearly quite an early starter, which is why we are eager to start putting feelers out now.A lot goes into finding the right match for a penguin – we will have to investigate bloodlines and all sorts of other factors, before we can even look at moving a lady penguin into our colony and getting her settled.

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