Old dark cavern chat

Head toward the path leading to the boss and walk toward the tall grass.

There will be a drop into the hidden cavern with a portal and Darkdiver Grandahl next to it.

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Location: Shattersword Shop - Shattersword Cavern Price: 35,000 Gold Sellback: 8,750 Gold Rarity: Awesome Rarity Description: Hidden in the depths of the Shattersword Cavern, a lone group of warriors have made this caves their home in an attempt to avoid conflict and battle. Those who try to enter these caves with be welcomed with the cold steel of these warriors’ blades.

Old Town Cavern is a crafting location that appears in The Elder Scrolls Online, in the region of Reaper's March.

Also if you happen to die, you can go through the same portal again facing the least number of enemies and easily regaining the souls before you enter the boss fight.

This portal can be accessed by going to the Shaded Ruins in the Shaded Woods.

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